Dienstag, 7. August 2007

weitere Hoehlen

Mitlerweile ist das Termometer auf bis zu 110 Grad Fahrenheit gestiegen...

Weitere Hoehlen: near Eagle (Colorado): Fulford Cave has magnificent stalactites, stalagmites and flowstones, as well as an underground stream. Sinking River Cave has a 160-foot pit, the largest of any cave in the state. Groaning Cave, believed to be the state's longest cave, with more than 11 miles of passageways, has numerous geological features, including a red-gray-blue carbonate ooze known as moonmilk.

Zugang wohl ueber eine der 5 Hoehlenclubs (grottos) in Colorado, the largest of which is the 112-member Denver-based Colorado Grotto. The clubs conduct monthly meetings to discuss exploration projects, share trip details and welcome new members.

Fault Caves near Golden

Fulford Cave is considered the consummate beginner's cave in Colorado, because of its spectacular geological formations and because it does not require technical climbing. It is located 17 miles south of Eagle, near Yeoman Park Ranger Station and Campground. It is not gated, and maps often are posted at the trailhead.

Die anderen Clubs sind in Boulder, LaPorte, Colorado Springs and Glenwood Springs.

To do: Visit the National Speleological Society Web site, at , and click the "How to Join" button. From there, read the Local Grottos item to find contact information about the Colorado clubs.