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First Nov 04 (2010):

The Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies showed the french Dokumentation “Einsatzgruppen – Les Commandos de la mort” at the St. Anthony Main Theater. Ironically, it cannot be broadcast in Germany, due to laws that prohibit showing the faces of individuals implicated in war crimes.

And now Okt 10 (2010):

Today I have to start early - even in the dark, because today the highlight of the 2010 U.S. tour is on the program, because it's just a) weekend and b) I am in reasonable distance (30-40 miles):
The Destination: Cedar Fair Park VALLEYFAIR
First 4 pictures from the journey to get there:
The Rice Lake - my seatmate on the flight to Minnesota lifes here

On the way I had to fix 2 times my chain and I also had top operate out my colorful Bikshirt out of the chain - ready for trash - not attached properly to dry .. And then of course the problem that the direct connection to Valleyfair get's over the Interstate, what eats time to find alternate routes. Since the Bike Trail is already closed due to flooding I just gone over the interstate for 2 exists. Ban-Signs not for me in that case.

So I'm an hour late and the authorization for my free access, thanks to my press card, needs more time - almost an hour in which I could plan my visit based on show times ...

Finally here

2 hands full Haunted attractions  during the HAUNTS Weekend-Operations are a fantastic balance for then closed water attractions. Also the in the back of the park located Excalibur – Coaster (Steel-Track on Wood Construktion) is then closed,  similar to the Maverek Reproduction in the German Europa-Park. There are usually problems at this season with frost that might be occurring in early mornings. Why they aren't be  flexibly on this year 's record-October weather remains a mystery. No matter. There remains plenty to do. At least, if the selected day of the visit is a Saturday. At daytime waiting times are OK, but as soon the evenig falls over the Park it's full like in the summer! Amazing!

The Americans loves it, if Halloween is scared. And this is truly an experience when the whole parksinks into the (artificial) fog, even along the highway that traverses the park, you can find fog billowing around.
Persoehnliche my highlight was the Clown Maze, even if the 3D glasses costs an extra dollar. But the walk through the enchanted kingdom is even more funny with them!
And of course RENEGADE :
84 km / h fast, barely a straight piece. Breathtaking. Licking Butter of a knife!
On Fridays 4.5 times more visitors attending the park, when it gets open at 7 pm as on a Sunday, where everything moves forward one hour.
More Rides are open on Saturdays. And there are also more shows. The fun starts at 12 noon and 7 times more visitors flock to the park, as on a Sunday. Those who do not come by bicycle and hunger or thirst for sweets get started must dive deep into there pockets for Parking Fees, Meals and Drinks. To bring food and beverages is prohibited.
That may will double the Admission! 
2 examples:
8 German Marks (old German Currency) for a piece of cheese in pastry or 3.75 USD instead of 89 cents for a 20 oz soft drink at the gas station.

Aus der Bewegung: For the motion:

The ride with this new air-swing that has not yet made the leap to Europe, is far too short.

 Blurry but beautiful - Industrial Art

Not a hot Picture - but these pictures show WHY there're long waiting times sometimes ...

  If you look closely Valley Fair sees in the background

  Visit of horses in the morning

  A week ago, Renegade was still closed due to high water 

 Just after Valley Fair is on the same side of the 101comes "The Landing" a museum village

 Have you ever seen such a spring at a rocking chair?
What is that?

  what's nicer: "mowed lown" or natural meadow?
  Man makes himself crazy with the garden maintenance and it could be so beautiful and sooo easy too ...

Everywhere there are these Veterans monuments 

Photo of the photo-maker
 Back to Valley Fair
The fog starts to drift ..
SIDE SHOW in the old style with needles and razors in the body ..

Here's a tip for people in Minneapolis: In the Camp Bar, 490 North Robert Street (Downtown between E. 9 Street th/10th) there is at 15./17./21./22./24./28. Oktober and on 4, 11 and 13 November a Cabaret program that covers the most entertaining stories about First Love. 40,000 people has been interviewed for the Show. Who is quickly gets a half-price ticket (click on the introductory link ..) Otherwise, this bar is also a meeting place for Gay's (4 pm until 2:00 am, ■ Sat: 2:00 pm - 2:00 am, ■ Sun: 11:00 am - 2:00 am

And now also a few videos to Valley Fair 
video video

video video

video video


video video video

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