Freitag, 31. März 2017


After I submitted an Personal Reference for someone that had block me sure I got in return the same...

Here is my Respond to that (please READ IF YOU READ MY REFERENCES TOO!)

That is really an Point of View to see that unwelcoming Dialog as "extremely abrasive" or simple "unlucky"...

Their are a few GREAT PEOPLE on CS - like I have 3 for my 2017 Tour, that sad they not only host me but will even drive me around (2 of them I have Adress) what I NOT expect, but I'm HAPPY if anyone does because Taxi is 5-10 times overpriced in rich Countries and public Transport in Night Hours sometimes does simple not exist.

But others like this "Lady" are VERY SUPERFICIALLY:

I requested to stay with an well worked Message (done together with a Friend as I'm socially a bit awkward) "Di., 8. Aug. - Mi., 9. Aug" - that is in English "Tu., 8. Aug. - Wee., 9. Aug" (what can be understand wrong on that?)


"Declined your request"


"Hi Holger,

Unfortunately, we have our family staying for the next 3 weeks and have an entirely packed house.

Best of luck with your trip.
23. März • 16:42"

My response:

"Next 3 weeks... MY REQUEST WAS FOR AUGUST!!!
23. März • 21:31"

Return Message:

"I read your request wrong; however, I do not think with your reaction this would be a great idea."

I wanted to ask then what was wrong with my Reaction but I couldn't because I was immediately blocked.

For ME

"Next 3 weeks... MY REQUEST WAS FOR AUGUST!!!"


"Hey, I had actually requested to stay in August, but let me know if that works for you."

has exactly the same meaning.

As I sad I'm socially a bit awkward because I have an slightly Autism. If you are a GREAT PERSON, you would simple say "Whatever, I understand now why we first did not come together - I INVITE you to spend a Night at my Home on..."

Between the Lines you also said that I may be an "Safety Hazard". I'm honestly NOT! Aren't you agree if I wouldd be that that for SURE either I would not be anymore an Member, be in Prison or at LEAST Hosts or Guest wouldd CLEARLY STATED THAT! The Opposite:

2. My PASSPORT is visiable in my PROFILE
3. I state my Adress in most Requests
4. My Phone No is 00351-292-622-037 - try it!
5. You can make an BACKGROUND Check in Internet, Sheriff or local Police
6. If their is ANYTHING I can do more to get trusted TELL ME and I will COOPERATE!

About staying at my Property: I very CLEARLY state the Situation in that I'm forced to life in in my Profile. To be SURE everyone KNOW what to EXPECT I have an "hidden" Secret Word in my Profile and decline EVERY TIME it is not mentioned together with this Message:

"You forgot the Secret Word... READ all of the Profile!
If you understood that it' s free Camping under unusal conditioons with the Possibility for WIFI, delicious Food, nice Films and - if you like to - an adventure for your body - you're welcome"

So...: If someone write an Reference for me why he/she should not be honest?

Her warning is more understandable in the Light of an Return Reference to that I not recommended to stay with her.

I actually not care about how many people stay with me, I'm simple Hospitable and - also CS is not requiring to Host if you want to get hosted - I believe everyone should act in the same way as he expect to be treated, what means for me:

"When you want get hosted you must host also"

I wish I could life in an normal House. I CAN not because of Fraud: Someone made an Contract with me to get Building Materials as he get them cheaper as an formerly Carpenter, took my money (asked it before delivery because he argumented he get better prices using cash..) and then not delivered the Wood to build my House.

THAT is the Reason WHY I'm forced to live in an temporary Construction made with donated Materials, Truck Plans and from waste Rescued Materials.

Shure I could say "I can not Host" but why not open my Property for Primitive Camping? I belive EVERYONE can Contribute towards CS - not the Question how tiny or "bad" his Home is. Every CS has the FREEDOM to decide which Accomodation he/she acept. So it is up to them!

I not force anyone to stay with me - everything is VOLUNTARY!

I not have a Problem with you decline my Request for a good Reason (I never declined ANYONE that has read my Profile in whole) BUT I HAVE A PROBLEM with people that decline an August Request because they have Guest in March or April.... That simple not makes SENSE!

It is simple not true, that I have no Profile Picture! You personly may not see it anymore, as you blocked me! My Profile Picture shows the way how to find me! I have many other Pictures, that show me and my home as well as my Passport!

But because of your Reference I changed now my Profile Picture to one that shows me and that one with the way discription is now in the "other" pictures.